As a global thought leader on academic reform, public health, entrepreneurship, STEM education & skills training, online learning, innovation engagement, TVET, business incubators, and development programs, Dr. Sadiyo Siad believes ‘education and training’ as the key to improve the lives of others.

At one point of her life, Dr. Sadiyo was out of school and when she came to Denmark as a refugee back in 1990s, the first thing she wanted, ‘was not a winner jacket even though it was a winter when she first arrived in Denmark, or an apartment to live in, or even money to live by’ – She just wanted to know when will she start to go to school and get an education.

Despite, the many challenges, she has faced, her educational background which includes a PhD in Tuberculosis and Immunology, a Mater Degree in Infectious Diseases and Immunology, another Master Degree in Medical Diagnostics, a PGD in Medical Pathology, with Honours in Undergraduate Degree at the University of Leicester and Cranfield University, and a Diploma in Nursing from her early work as a nurse and midwife assistant, gives her all the credentials to stand tall on a global arena.

As a serial social entrepreneur whose work is contributing to Somali’s economics, peacebuilding, education and skills training, employment, social development, and human capital development mechanisms using the 3 Es (Empowerment, Education and Employment) model. Today, Dr. Sadiyo Siad is the chancellor at Hano Academy, and the executive director at eLearningX and Somali STEM Society. She is also a researcher, a public speaker, and delivers training and consultancy in areas such as education and training, public health, community development, employment, entrepreneurship, business incubator, empowerment, gender and many more. She has spoken at many national and international conferences and events and has also featured on many television and radio news programmes including BBC Leicester Radio on several occasions, and BBC TV East Midlands, Channel 4, ITV, HBO, Universal TV (Somali TV), VOA, Integration TV, Dalsan TV, SN TV, and many more.

Why I started all this… ?

Throughout the many years I have been working in the education sector, I have realised that there are millions of people who are ‘knowledge seeker’ and there are also many people who have the natural ability and talent to train and teach online but these instructors need support and a platform to do this.

Thus, I have created the right tools and network for you to conquer this.

From assistant trainer/teacher, workshop facilitator to university lecturer, I have done it all, online or offline training/teaching in different setting. Now, I want to connect with like-minded people who wish to make a difference through their knowledge and skills by teaching others.

Let’s to do this together…

Do you feel like that you have an idea that could be a life changing?

Do you have the drive?

Can you train/teach?

Do you feel like ‘you can see the potential…, the end result… however, the path towards it, is jumbled?

If any of these questions is a YES, then ‘let’s do this together’.