How It Works


  1. You pick out what URL you want to have on your QR code and we’ll print it. So when scanned the QR code will show exactly what you want.
  2. Fill out the simple application form on this website!
  3. Complete the payment section using Pay Pal or any debit/credit card.
  4. Once submitted you’ll receive a “Proof” copy for your review so you can see what your cards will look like.
  5. Once you have replied that all is okay, we will charge your payment on the card or PayPal account you submitted.
  6. The 411Cards will be printed and shipped to you at no additional cost. That’s it! We do reserve the right to approve the content on our end including the URL submitted. Inappropriate content will not be published. Including videos and print.
  7. This is for your business and that’s why we hold back processing your card until we both have seen and agreed via your proof copy of what’s going to be printed.  You can use any YouTube URL or website link to show your business in a different light than any of your competitors.  

THINGS TO REMEMBER: What will your prospect or client remember regarding your presentation when you leave? If you have given them your card and scanned the back of it in front of them, there is little reason they’ll forget you because when you call them back and ask them to scan your QR code to refresh their memory they will refreshingly remember everything you were discussing.  For $50.00 you’ll be helping your business and making your basic business card info really exciting and effective. 

Sign up today. Fill out the form below and submit it to us! You’ll be very happy you did!! We will take your credit card info but will not charge your card until you approve the proof of it. An example of what you will see is on the Home Page of the website.

In summary, we want you to be completely happy and find out how useful and enjoyable it will be to others when you give it to them. Remember, you can make your Url for the QR code anything you want, things you feel that will help your business! The startling looks you’ll get when you or your clients, friends, or neighbors get on their faces when they scan your back of your card will be priceless. So enjoy the experience and let us hear from you about your reactions. We’ll be posting them on our newsletter.

Order yours today!!