What is a 411CARD?

Back in “the good old days” when you had to dial 411 to find a person’s personal or business’ phone number it always was at least a two-step process to find out how to contact a client whose number you forgot to write down. Well, welcome to the 411 of the 21st Century! Imagine all your information including your website or a video from YouTube; or listing of your products or services, all in one easy to find QR code and it’s right on your own business card!! Easily share any and all information about you and/or your company, sales material or pictures of opportunities that you wish to present to clients, prospects, or CEOs. Right on your business card. Some specifics are listed below!

Our QR coded personalized card for you and you alone can bring surprising results when given to anyone. Your business and your reputation were shown with every business card you have given out in the past. Those cards included your name, company name, address, website URL, and phone information. Now, what if the person you gave that to was able to see your website right at that exact moment and you were able to present your product or service right then and there?   Imagine a simple scan from you or your client/prospect and the business begins. No longer will that client put your card in the circular file with others he received, because he can go back and see what you talked about at any time simply by scanning the QR code on the card. What if you had a YouTube presentation that a salesperson, cashier, waitress, etc.  could take back to his /her boss and scan it for them to show what opportunities you offered?? Would that in itself get you by the “screener”?

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HOW IS THIS CARD ANY DIFFERENT FROM PLAIN BUSINESS CARDS I ALREADY USE? Because Your Money is going to help Veterans as well as your business!

Here are a couple of Real Estate industry ideas showing what you can do with the 411Card:

REALTORS: Realtors frequently have signs in front of the homes they have listed. Some even have QR codes on those signs so drive-by people who stop and scan can see what’s inside with a 360 YouTube video. When talking to a prospective buyer or seller over a cup of coffee, the agent could pull out his/her cell phone and scan their business card to show a potential buyer the same exact listing information that was on the sign in front of the home for sale, even while being in their home or office anyplace away from the property. By giving them the card then, they can show their friends and family what they are considering buying and make that sale an easier process. There are many other ways this works for Realtors. For example, every Agent could have their own listings on their own card. Instead of just their website. Showing all office information including the address of the agency and how to contact the agent. We give you BOTH! All your pertinent business info PLUS the ability to show your prime listing(s) 24/7 until that house is sold!

MORTGAGE BROKERS: Mortgage brokers and agents live off rates and yield spreads. When rates are low traffic is high. When rates are high more salesmanship is required. Our QR 411card works fantastically for you folks. Imagine talking with a prospective client and after giving them a card showing what current rates are and a live link to your website, where you have those rates changing on your website every day. Your website at their fingertips 24/7 Would that be something you and they would appreciate? Absolutely! Contact and follow up are the two basic parts of any opportunity to solidify you and your clients/prospects. The clients that you have closed can keep your card available to see what rates are if considering a refi down the road. A prospect will think they are in charge of getting the best rate possible because they will have the opportunity to check it out everyday via your website. Plus we give all your business info name etc.on the card itself. It looks like just another business card but you and your clients know better!!

We cost a little more because we do more! Here are some examples of how 411cards can help other types of businesses:

FINANCIAL PLANNERS/ STOCKBROKERS: You too are able to prospect for new clients by sending out your QR coded business card that has a link to your Website.  Imagine having an interview with a prospect where you can actually scan your card and go over your website information showing them why they should come to you for their personal investment needs or financial advice! Wouldn’t that be invaluable?  You either have a great website or YouTube presentation that tells people who you are and why they should deal with you  The card you have now doesn’t do that. It only shows where you work and how to get in touch with you.  Using a YouTube introduction of yourself and your personal website information, or discussing various investment options that you offer, will advance your opportunity to obtain better information from your client/prospect so you can find the right program that fits their needs. Even able to show it on your cell phone after scanning your own QR card. All pertinent licensing information is included on the card.

SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS: Your website shows daily specials, pricing of items on sale, and many other features you use to attract customers. Why not have it easily accessed on the business cards that you have sat by the cash register? When you advertise and the ad is successful, why not clone it and put it on your business card? Hard to do? Nope. When you order cards from us all you have to do is let us know and we’ll have 100 cards out to you right away to help you push that particular ad while success is happening. When you advertise in other media like the newspaper, magazines, billboards, or flyers, your QR coded card can have a huge impact on results. In that format. Give it a shot and see how quickly results will be forthcoming!

VETERAN OWNED BUSINESSES: Since we are a Veteran Owned Business ourselves, we want every Veteran to know we treat them special. Because we care, if you own a small or large business. Additionally, we will take a portion of our sales price and donate it to Legion Baseball or your local American Legion Post on your behalf. That way your working dollars for expenses can help others in a private and unassuming manner. Making your clients know why working with a Veteran in business is a trusted and rewarding experience.

CONVINCED?  Click here to input your information to see what your card would look like! If you like all you see in the signup, give us your info and we’ll have your new cards to you asap!

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